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Trail Master Saddle
$115.00 ea.
Saddles are cross buck design, made of oak and poplar. This
durable saddle has proven it's self since 1988. Quick release
buckles are used for easy cinch adjustment, fast saddling and
unsaddling. Double cinch rigging keeps the saddle more secure
than conventional rigging. (to measure for cinch size measure
chest one inch behind front legs.) Thirty-seven inches or smaller
takes a small cinch. Anything above takes a large cinch. Saddle
pads are one inch thick and covered with breathable natural
canvas. The angle of my saddles are standard, or can be custom
made. All of these features reduce chances of saddle sores. This
enables your goat to carry it's maximum load more comfortably.
I've used this saddles design for many years. My goats have
never had a saddle sore. The key is a well fitted saddle.
Pack Goat Panniers
Small $85.00 a set
Large $95.00 a set

My panniers are made of durable, water resistant Cordula fabric.
They come in three sizes and designed with heavy duty straps to
secure your load. Quick release buckles and draw string top
closures are designed for easy access and durability.
Detachable side pockets can be purchased for panniers. They
hold a standard size water bottle, thermos or other small items.
Pockets fit on both front and back of panniers.
Cargo Pannier Pack
Cargo Panniers
$40.00 a set

These are a basic pannier with a draw string top. Side pockets
will not fit on these panniers. They are made so that a plastic
waste basket. Will fit inside to make this a pack with hard sides.
(waste basket are not included.) Details on size and brands of
waste basket will be included with panniers. Cargo panniers are
made of the same durable, water resistant Cordula fabric.
Goat Coat
Pack Cover
Pack Cover/Goat Coat
$40.00 ea. (lined)

This item serves a dual purpose. As pack cover it helps protect
your gear from rain and dust on the trail. Later it can be used as a
coat for your goats comfort on those cold nights in camp. It's
made of durable Cordula with a cozy lining. Same colors as
Visibility Goat Coat
Visibility Goat Coat
$30.00 (Unlined)

Unlined breathable material, Velcro front closure, chest and
rump strap for snug fit. Great to have during hunting season for
safety. Available in bright orange.