Butt-Head Pack Goats
Phone Number: (530) 432-0946    E-Mail: bhpackgoats@hotmail.com

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Butt-Head Pack Goats
PO. Box 333
Rough & Ready CA 95975
Hoof Trimmers
$23.00 ea.

Orange handle clippers. The best clipper for goat
*Replacement spring $1.50 ea.

(While supplies lasts)
Goat Weight Tape
$5.00 includes postage

Handy tool to have when you need to know your goats
exact weight for giving medications.

(While supplies lasts)
Feeding Syringe
$13.00 includes postage

50 cc with metal nozzle. Works well for giving
medication and wormer.

(While supplies lasts)
Mini Goat Feeder
$12.00 includes postage

6 quart plastic feeder hooks over a 2 x 4 board or
screws down for a permanent mount.
Color: Green

(While supplies lasts)